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[14.10.2015] Adjustment of microcensus tables
To improve the structure and usability of the microcensus data, the relevant tables are adjusted as follows:

The previous tables coded 122-1-* „Bevölkerung am Ort der Hauptwohnung“ become the new tables coded 12211-101i to 12211-114i „Bevölkerung (…)“.
The previous tables coded 122-2-* „Erwerbstätige, Erwerbslose und Nichterwerbspersonen“become the new tables coded 12211-121i to 12211-128i „Bevölkerung nach dem Erwerbsstatus (…)“.
The previous tables coded 122-3-* „Privathaushalte“ become the new tables coded 12211-201i to 12211-217i „Privathaushalte (…)“.

The attribute „Bevölkerung in Privathaushalten“ (means „population in private households“) is not available anymore.
All data are provided through the table type „i“. For further information regarding table types please refer to the FAQ.
[28.09.2015] Adaptation of thematic allocations in the financial statistics
To comply with EU requirements the following thematic allocations are changed in the Landesdatenbank NRW:

The previous code 71137 „Vierteljährliche Kassenergebnisse der Gemeinden/GV“ becomes the new code 71517 „Vierteljährliche Kassenergebnisse, Sektor Kommunen“.
The previous code 71147 „Finanzrechnungsstatistik der Gemeinden/GV“ becomes the new code 71717 „Rechnungsergebnisse, Sektor Kommunen“.
The previous code 71147B „Bilanzstatistik“ becomes the new code 71717B „Bilanzstatistik“.
The previous code 71147E „Ergebnisrechnungsstatistik“ becomes the new code 71717E „Ergebnisrechnungsstatistik“.

The tables and content offered in each case remain unchanged.
[02.09.2015] Information on Municipalities, Administrative Districts and Towns
As an extra service to our clients, we provide for the variables GEMEIN (Municipalities) and KREISE (administrative districts and towns) a link to Directory of the Home Affairs and Local Government, which provides both contact details as well as other relevant administrative information about the selected region. In addition there are also links to both abbreviated and elaborate editions of Kommunalprofile presenting statistical information about the respective region. Access to this links is either by clicking on a desired region (marked in blue) in the resulting table after value retrieval or by selecting the info-button of the desired region directly from the list of Attributes for the Variables GEMEIN or KREISE respectively.
[09.01.2015] Implementation of an open data licence
The contents of the Landesdatenbank NRW are now available under the "Data licence Germany - attribution - version 2.0 (dl-de/by-2-0)". This open data licence serves to identify open government data in Germany. The customary use rights remain unrestricted.
[19.09.2014] Code 42151 Auftragseingangsindex im Verarbeitenden Gewerbe
From August 2014 onwards, the interim index of new orders in manufacturing is no longer published. Please refer to the available final results.
[18.06.2014] Code 31211 Zensus 2011
Final results on the census of buildings and housing were released today. The tables hereto can be retrieved under the menu item “New data”. The now completed procedure of household generation in the 2011 census led to adjustments of the previously published preliminary buildings and housing stock (on 31st May 2013). In the household generating procedure persons or households were assigned to individual apartments, whereby residential households could be formed. If the number of residential households did not match the number of buildings and housing collected through the census, the buildings and housing stock has been adjusted in special cases.
[13.06.2014] Code 82000 VGR der Länder (Berechnungstand: 08.2005/02.2006)
Due to revisions, the previously published results on gross domestic product and gross value added (GDP / GVA) of the Regional accounts of the Laender (Tables 82000-82000-01i to 03i) are based on an outdated definition and classification. They are no longer comparable with current results and therefore no longer available.
The revised results available for survey years up to 2013 may be retrieved from the websites of the working group of the Regional accounts of the Laender under
[13.06.2014] Code 82711 VGR der Länder - Kreisberechnungen
Due to revisions, the previously published results on gross fixed capital formation of the Regional accounts of the Laender (Tables 82711-02i* to 82711-05i*) are no longer comparable with current results and therefore no longer available.
The revised results are no longer calculated for the regional level (counties and county-free cities).

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